Micro Design Strategy Sessions

Before you spend another moment buying the wrong things.

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Step 1

You don't always know the right things to buy, but you sure know when you've bought the wrong ones.

Bring me your three big design challenges. To start you off strong, I'll have you take my assessment and show you how to take measurements the right way.

Step 2

Time to send me some "before" pictures. I'll use them alongside your measurements (I teach you how to measure) and your written assessment to build out your plan.

A picture says a thousand words. I think it's more like ten thousand for some of us designers. Even though you can't make design decisions in person, give me a clear image and I can make them remotely.

paint chips, wood samples for design project

Step 3

On the day before our session, you'll receive my written report; guidelines for working with workrooms and subs; a link to your Zoom call for the following day where I present you with my report; plus any other associated visual aids and items pertaining to your project such as a list of my favorite online resources; tear sheets with finish suggestions and dimensions etc.

And because I want to go that extra mile, on top of your design hour Zoom call, I give you an extra 15 minutes to account for the hello's, good byes and thank you's.

Yes, I want the Micro Design Strategy Session

This is exactly what I need, let's get it started uh huh.

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