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Creating beautiful, restful interiors for women who value health and wellness.

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Shiree Segerstrom

Design. Wellness. Balance.

Welcome to my studio! I'm an interior designer & wellness expert.

Your home has the profound ability to influence your health, wellness and overall lifestyle. 

Hi, I’m Shiree. I create beautiful, restful homes that inspire better health and wellness practices, so you can live a happier, healthier, more balanced life in your home.

Let’s get your home the help it needs so it can support and inspire you every day.

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Shiree was instrumental in my stunning, and so comfortable living room design. She was able to communicate with me effectively helping me to make decisions that felt were all mine, guiding my choices into best possible interior style. Without her guidance I would have erred into buying the wrong sofa in the wrong color and size again. Shiree has an incredible, innate sense of proportion and beauty. Everyone who comes to my home, now heads to my living room and feel comfortable hanging out in there.

Cynthia C.

We worked with Shiree on two homes. She did everything from new furniture, window treatments, reupholstery and purchasing many new accessories, hanging every picture and placing all furniture and accessories old and new. We were very pleased with both homes and loved the fact that she was willing to work around many of the things we already had, updating them with fabrics, and a few new pieces and accessories from her store. When we downsized several years later, Shiree turned the smaller house into a home. I love that my home looks so much like me and not someone else.

Charlene D.

We have worked with Shiree on two occasions with paint color selection, many custom window treatments and new area rugs and each time found the experience to be a great one. She is professional, reliable and creative and even found a way to bring our different design styles into a happy medium. We look forward to working with her again.

Marcia V.

I have a lovely home in the mountains up above snow level and I wanted to update my living room. I had followed Shiree's bi-weekly design columns in the newspaper and called her for help. I wanted to work with several of my existing furniture pieces and accessories and she got my style right away. I love the new sofa, chair, loveseat and window treatments and I was pleased how Shiree incorporated my other items into the overall scheme.

Vianne M.

a healthier home and lifestyle...

This is a great place to get your healthy home on.

A beautiful, functional home. A healthy, balanced lifestyle. All it takes is time and money and even then there are no guarantees that you’ll love the changes, right?

What if I told you that there is a way to ensure your home supports and inspires you to live a healthier life, now and in the future years?

When you read my books or blog, take my design course or work with me in one-on-one strategy sessions I show you how to create floor plans for stability; how to choose furniture and fixtures for comfort and beauty (who says one must negate the other!); how to choose soothing colors and textures; and fill you in on the newest appliances, tools and devices that make your life so much easier.

And best of all, you will 100 percent without-a-doubt love it because we work together with your look, your lifestyle, and my trained eye. Boom.

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If being at home doesn't inspire you in leading a balanced, happy life get off the struggle bus and get some help already!

The Wellness Home

Your home called: it needs you to do something about it.

You may be spending more time at home lately, which means you are noticing all the ways it isn’t quite what you dreamed it would be when you first bought it. Awkward design features, less-than-ideal colors, or clumsy positioning of furniture drain your precious energy and make you feel less, well… at home.

As someone who values health and wellness, I understand how important it is that your favorite spaces are both beautiful and functional. ​

In The Wellness Home, I’ll show you how to make five important design decisions that support a healthy lifestyle, plus motivating mindset tips to stop you from procrastinating, once and for all.

If being at home doesn’t inspire you in leading a joyful, wellness driven life then get off the dang struggle bus and get some help already, with my game changing workbook.

Are you ready for a cool change?

Seeing people love their homes means the world to me! In these strategy sessions and in my virtual design course I show you how to get the soothing, restful look you want for your home.

But there's something more I'll show you. And that's how to create a healthier lifestyle. If your home weighs you down or doesn't function well, or if it's still not that attractive after all your efforts, let's talk about ways to transform it.

If your home isn't supporting you the way it is now, let me ask you: are you ready for a cool change?

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