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I created these design sessions to help you bridge the gap between feeling drained by your home, to being inspired by it.

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Remember how it felt when you first chose the home you’re in now?

The plans. The dreams. Did the decision making overwhelm you, or was it the cost, or the inability to come to agreements with your spouse or partner? It doesn’t matter now because you’ve landed here and I’m making you my charge.

It’s my mission and great pleasure in life to see my clients fall in love with their homes again, or maybe even for the first time ever.

Step 1

My Full Service Strategy Sessions are the tip of the spear. Welcome to the new face of interior design where you get so much bang for your buck. A streamlined and effective project, equals more control for you and less cost. Take my in depth assessment. Get me your measurements and pictures.

The benefits of an organized home are enjoyable tasks and chores with more opportunities for downtime

Step 2

I use your assessment and my design cred to define a look and lifestyle that's 100% you. The Big Five of Design: finishes, fabrics, fixtures, furnishings and floor plans all come together in the one room of your choice.

Step 3

Do you need to visualize things? Me too! I've got you covered with visual aids galore. Need clarification, ponfication, conversation and any other 'ations when you're planning? You're covered there too with three full hours of one-on-one Zoom calls.

Yes, I want the Full Service Strategy Sessions!

It's just what I need, let's get started already.

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Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, CA
Shiree was instrumental in my stunning, and so comfortable living room design. She was able to communicate with me effectively helping me to make decisions that felt were all mine, guiding my choices into best possible interior style. Without her guidance I would have erred into buying the wrong sofa in the wrong color and size again. Shiree has an incredible, innate sense of proportion and beauty. Everyone who comes to my home, now heads to my living room and feel comfortable hanging out in there.

Cynthia C.

We worked with Shiree on two homes. She did everything from new furniture, window treatments, reupholstery and purchasing many new accessories, hanging every picture and placing all furniture and accessories old and new. We were very pleased with both homes and loved the fact that she was willing to work around many of the things we already had, updating them with fabrics, and a few new pieces and accessories from her store. When we downsized several years later, Shiree turned the smaller house into a home. I love that my home looks so much like me and not someone else.

Charlene D.

Questions & Answers

This is a great place for some real talk.

I believe in making this life count and creating our own happiness with focused lifestyle choices. From the home I live in to the healthy food I eat, to the exercise program I commit to, it all adds up to real results.
Let me ask you, what are your own results?

Does your home represent your look or style?

How does being in your home make you feel?

How do you care for yourself while there?

Do you love sharing your home with family and friends?

Can you relax there, and sleep well at night?

Are you excited to get up in the morning and start your day?

These have always been priorities in my own life from our first little starter home in the mountains to an architectural relic in my small California town. My homes have been my foundation and respite through the birth of a son, to the building of multiple businesses, to the loss of a beloved spouse.

Grand or modest, let your home be your own foundation, like mine have been for me. Make sure it supports and rejuvenates you. If it doesn’t, follow along with me in my newsletters and blog. Whether in a strategy session or from my free content, let’s get you some real results post haste.

Let your home be your foundation, like my home is for me. Make sure it supports and rejuvenates you. If it doesn't, follow along with me in my newsletters and blog. Whether in a strategy session or from my free content, let's get you some real results post haste.


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