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How to Create a Budget for Your Next Kitchen Remodel (within Your Household Income)

As if finding a contractor or builder for your kitchen remodel weren’t enough, you have to create a spending plan! I’ll show you how to create a budget for your next kitchen remodel within your household income. 

You will know going into your next kitchen remodel, what a reasonable budget looks like before you create one of your own.


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Budgeting Kitchen Remodel Formula’s Within Your Household Income

There is a classic budgeting tool from Elizabeth Warren and the co-author of their book, “All Your Worth” that helps you determine a percentage of your total income towards 3 basic ‘life’ categories.

  • Essential expenses 50%
  • Non-essential expenses 30%
  • Savings, investments and/or debt repayment 20%

I love to use this tool as a basic guideline as I plan my own budgets. Of course, you can tweak these percentages for your own use. For instance, if your home is paid and you have no debt, you might adjust your formula by lessening your ‘essential expenses’ and increasing your savings and investments. 

Using these percentages is an excellent way to determine where your budget is right now, and then once you have determined your own comfort zone, your own dollar amount, you can self-select from my Good, Better, Best Kitchen Remodeling Budgets later in this article. 

To get itemized breakdowns of costs for things like appliances, cabinets, countertops, etc. be sure to check out my download “The Wellness Kitchen Good, Better, Best Budgeting for Your Kitchen Design and Remodel” at the bottom of this page! 


Good, Better, Best Kitchen Remodel Budget Plans

Good $25,000-$50,000

Better $50,000-$100,000

Best $100,000 and up

When creating a budget for your kitchen remodel, always keep in mind the real estate values in your neighborhood and how your home value compares to other homes in your area. Your home value should play a part in your overall budget. 

If your home is in a low cost of living area, choose the Good Budget model. If it’s in a high cost of living area, choose the Best Budget model. 






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That’s it for today! Bye for now, Shiree’

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