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My Favorite Home Accessories: and a list of do’s and don’ts

Your home has a strong effect on your sense of well-being, probably much more than you know. And choosing the right type and quantity of accessories and knowing how and where to place them, has a real effect on the ‘feeling; and comfort level of your home.





I love using accessories in the homes I do for my clients (and myself!) because after owning five design stores, I know how much joy they bring. We all love having our things around us right? 

I always wonder what minimalist decor enthusiasts do with mementos from travels, gifts from their family, framed family pictures, heirlooms. 

When choosing accessories for your home, it helps to first have an idea of what “not” to buy and how to avoid styles that date quickly. Anything that’s had a large amount of popularity (such as shabby, peeling furniture and farmhouse looks) looks very dated after the style has run its course. So “don’t” use styles or items that have been overused.

Do keep novelty type accessories such as wine or golf related décor, farm house signs, fairies, horses, and bears to a minimum. I’m also guilty of this to a small degree. I love Eiffel Towers and my bird collection is admittedly getting larger. I’ve kept my collections small and subtle by placing them in a variety of spots throughout my home rather than all in one place.




Don’t place your collection together. I know this is counterintuitive. But trust me, you will enjoy them more if they are spread out a bit.




Do keep things dusted. It’s amazing how much better things look and feel when kept clean.

Do display things that look interesting paired together. You can add extra visual interest by varying their heights. 




Here is a list of my favorite accessories.

Lamps with modern shapes

Framed family pictures (small quantities in formal areas)

Stacks of hard bound books

Art/original oils and water colors especially plein air and vintage portraits

Rustic pottery in trendy colors

Live plants in quality pots

Faux topiary ( I can’t keep live topiary alive indoors and they’re expensive to replace)

Quality woven baskets

High quality throw pillows (quality pillows are pricey, $125 and up)


Urns and jardinières

Fine china plates for hanging on the wall

Throw blankets in colors that coordinate with your home

Vintage silver, vases and serving pieces

Quality framed prints and photography

Vases in a variety of shapes, styles and colors





Remember this rule of thumb: If a room seems to be missing something it’s most likely scale, texture, greenery or a strong focal point. 

If you have a hard time pinpointing the look you like, pick up a few magazines such as House Beautiful, Elle Décor Home, Architectural Digest or Traditional Home to see the current trends. Most importantly, mix styles and eras for a timeless look.




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