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The Healthy at Home Three-to-Five-Things Framework

You’re spending more time at home these days. How your home looks is definitely an important factor in living well, but there’s more to your home’s appearance than you might initially realize. The real question is does your home support a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Taking excellent care of yourself without club memberships and exercise classes will be so much easier when you have a home base that lends that kind of support.   




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Think about it. A beautiful room has the power of the ocean. It can truly elevate your mood, engender relaxation or energy, it can inspire healthy habits. Now is the ideal time to devise home design plans that are not only beautiful to your senses, but support better, more consistent wellness practices while at home such as a well-planned kitchen; comfy common areas for you to reconnect with yourself (and love ones!); a bedroom that’s a restful respite; workout space options; and more. After COVID and beyond, let’s develop a blue print for you to live a better, healthier life at home. And hey, let’s make it pretty too!



So take a moment to jot down how your home is working and not working for you right now. Let’s get you some facts then let’s put those facts to use. I created a super simple design framework just for you! You’re going to love how easy and practical it is. I call it the Three to Five Things Framework.


This framework helps you identify the three to five most important rooms in your house; the three to five things you absolutely love within those rooms and will use as a design catalyst for all your future design projects; and the three to five things you will no longer tolerate. You will replace only three to five things per room! And best of all, you will be effectively enhancing all the things you love the most that you already have. Think about that, the things you know you love is a fantastic basis for a design project! Here we go!




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Three to Five Things Framework

Get out a fresh tablet and pen and for the next 30 minutes or so answer the following questions.

What three to five rooms do you use the most? Write them down. I prefer to use the kitchen, living room, entry, formal dining room and main bedroom.

Write down the three to five things you love the most about each of these rooms.



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Write down the three to five things you least like about them. Be sure to use extra care on this last one and ask yourself some questions before removing anything such as “Does the fireplace need to be remodeled completely or could it be enhanced with flanking built-in bookcases?” “What size and style sectional will work in my living room?” Very often my clients think something is wrong in their home like the paint or a table and then when they hire me we find out it’s actually ‘another item’ making it look bad! So again, be sure to spend some time on this last one. Okay, moving on.

Now that you have finalized the list of things you dislike, make arrangements to give them away, sell them at a consignment store or repurpose them to a less important space in the home. Once you have carefully thought it over, move quickly getting rid of it to make space physically AND so you can better visualize upcoming changes. A clean slate makes it so much easier to plan.

If there are structural changes to be done, obviously you can’t just take them to Good Will, but write them down in your plants. Now is a good time to baby step into the process of finding a reputable contractor. Get recommendations and it goes without saying to interview them carefully before retaining them. Even if you’re not ready to start work now, get several names and start interviewing them. They may have a wait list so it’s a good reason to plan ahead. Keep in mind the design industry expects a huge rush on kitchen and bath remodels this fall, another good reason to get started now. To help you find professionals, you can go to nari.org, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry or nkba.org, the National Kitchen and Bath Association.





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Well there you have it! My super easy, Three to Five Things System for creating a beautiful home for wellness minded women.

To get the workbook for my Three to Five Framework head on over to my brand new download, Healthy at Home: 5 Crucial Design Decisions for Wellness Minded and Wellness Challenged Women! In it you will get the framework plus super easy to follow design solutions you need to know for your unique needs, with information I’ve never shared before with my readers or clients.



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Bye for now!


Healthy at Home: 5 Crucial Design Decisions for WellnessMinded and Wellness Challenged Women