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Three Simple Steps to Styling Your Bookcases, and My Fave Things to Put in Them

Bookcases can be a little tricky, right? You can’t leave them empty and if you’re like most people you don’t have enough books to fill them up! Styling your bookcases has never been easier.

Identify the things you are going to put on your shelves. The hardest part really, is deciding ‘what stuff’ to use. 

Here are my favorites. 

Framed pics
Lidded boxes
Faux moss balls
Hardbound books
Faux fruits

Step One

Starting with hardbound books at the farthest left point of the top shelf. Place books about one third of the way across the shelf. 

Next shelf down, do the same but this time start on the right side.

Next shelf down, do the same on the left side, and so on and so on until all the shelves are filled one third full of hardbound books. 

Step Two

The next items you’ll be working with are the biggest items you have such as baskets and lidded boxes. Starting from the top shelf, work from the right side this time. Fill in those spots with baskets and lidded boxes.

Step Three

Lastly, simply fill in the blank spaces with all the smaller things, again working from top to bottom.

Super easy peasy!