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What Does a Healthy Home Life Look Like: One Week to Planning Your Lifestyle at Home

Do you know what a beautiful, healthy home looks like? 

Does it have open floor plans. Is there generous window space with views of trees and other plant life. Is there generous storage, with a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Are there optimized zones for various activities. Is it filled with natural furnishings like bamboo flooring, low VOC paint and natural fiber fabrics and carpeting like wool, cotton and linen. 

Or does it go more in-depth with sustainable “green” features like renewable energy sources, water efficiency and environmentally optimized building specs and materials.

Forget all that for a moment because here’s the thing: your home either supports or drains you! It’s that simple. 

Yes, there are people who think, I don’t need a fancy home. I don’t need beauty or comfort. I just need a big screen television and my comfy sectional sofa. Well maybe that’s what’s right for you and if so, and if you’re down with those kind of results then high five. By all means, read no further. 

But I have a question, how’s that working for you? Do you feel energized, relaxed and inspired? Does your hair, skin and body look attractive and healthy? Does your home support a lifestyle that’s active, or one that’s tied to the sofa and flat screen television? And if it’s the latter, hey that’s okay but it’s important to know that your results in life whether in your fitness endeavors, your financial goals, your relationships, everything is tied back to the many actions you take on a day in day out basis. Not the few things you do sporadically. That’s why it’s called a “lifestyle”.

This is what an active, healthy and balanced home life looks like to me. 

I love my home. I love relaxing here; working; taking excellent care of myself and my loved ones in a home that’s beautiful and supportive. Every day I’m practicing Yoga in the den; making my big raw salads and fresh green juices; riding my stay-bike; or dancing barefooted on my rebounder to my favorite tunes; walking Riley along the bird preserve in back of our community; working reasonable, even enjoyable hours in my home office with a short commute upstairs; and other healthy activities. 

I love how my home balances all of my endeavors from building a multiple six figure business, to coaching my design client’s, to entertaining family and friends. The way it looks and feels brings me such joy! I love how I’ve decorated it with heirlooms mixed in with new fabrics and modern lamps and how I’ve decorated it with items collected from extensive travels, both nationally and internationally. 

I also love the way my home runs smoothly and allows me to fit so much more goodness into my days. I couldn’t take nearly as good care of myself or accomplish as much in a messy home without these systems. 

I know the various tools to keep me on track, the fixtures, apps and appliances I require such as my Breville juicer; my pretty red VitaMix blender; my rebounder;  my iPad (the mini is perfect for arthritic hands!); the Kindle app that holds all my health and business books, and all the other important things that comprise a healthy lifestyle.

I don’t tell you these things to discourage you friend, but rather to show you what it looks like and maybe, just maybe to inspire you to do something similar for yourself right now: to show you what’s possible for you. Because you deserve this too.

And because I would never tell you all these tantalizing things and just leave you hanging, I’m going to illustrate the steps to get you started. I can cover some action steps here today but if you want to take it further, I also created a free download workbook that I’m super proud of! But more on that in a minute.

Action Steps 

  •          Monday. Pour yourself a cup of green tea, grab a fresh tablet and your fave pen, sit in your comfiest chair and dream for thirty minutes. What do you love and what don’t you love about your home? Write it down, no need to be specific just yet. Write down things like the sofa, the bathroom, and the window treatments. You’ll go more in depth later.
  •          Tuesday. Identiify your style preferences like modern, farmhouse, contemporary, and your lifestyle needs like an at home wellness practice; an or at home business. Be specific here.
  •          Wednesday. Here’s where you get specific. Determine how your home is currently functioning and not functioning for you. It’s okay if these overlap with the other bullet points. Write them down anyway. Again, get really specific today. Take special note on the things you repeat. 
  •           Thursday. Taking into consideration the things you’ve written down, grab your calculator and calendar and identify your next one to three decorating, remodeling or building plans. From there, build out your budget and timeline. Prioritize things that you can afford first. Spread out things that are too costly right now. Take your time in writing these down.
  •          Friday. Treat yourself to a pretty binder for your project today. Go to Pinterest for inspo. and start choosing colors, textures and styles that feed your soul, but that will also appeal to the other peeps in the home. Choose colors that are restful and styles that mix both feminine or masculine elements. You can repeat these elements throughout your projects to build visual continuity. 
  •           Saturday. Now, for the big stuff. Create one ideal floor plan per room (I like the Chief Architect app) for each space. If just buying furniture, do a furniture layout. If remodeling an entire bath, do the floor plans. When done correctly this one thing will enhance everyone’s sense of stability and security, and all changes will be built on this one firm foundation. Floor plans are super important and often overlooked. 

      Do one bullet point each day for six days. On the seventh day, review and refine your notes. Take your time. Staying relaxed will allow your creative juices to flow freely. 

      And if getting started is hard for you I wrote my free Healthy at Home: 5 Key Design Decisions that Support Health and Wellness just for you. It’s 8 pretty pages of well thought out questions and accompanying action steps to get you a firm start today!