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Refrigerator Redux for the Arthritis Diet

This is my weekly produce and fresh food list. They are all organic. The top list is what I eat on a weekly basis. It’s admittedly a lot of food but quite a bit of it is used for green juicing in the morning. I’ve also attached a very important video to watch for when you bring your food home from the grocery store. 

Between the virus and hoarding, I’ve been so fortunate that my neighborhood Whole Foods and Sprouts have been staying well stocked with produce. I’ve been able to pretty much get what I need every week. Except toilet paper.


3 bundles lacinto kale

9 heads of romaine

Box washed baby spinach

3-4 limes

3 lemons

7-8 apples

4 cucumbers

3 bundle cilantro

1 package sprouts

Small package Sweet Angel tomatoes

Red onion


Head celery

Bag baby carrots

Head broccoli or shredded

Coconut yogurt

1-2 Malk sprouted almond milk

Wheat grass juice

1 large or 2 small containers berries

Frozen 100% wheat grass juice, 1 shot daily


Chia seeds

Pacific brand all natural vegetable stock

Pomi all natural tomatoes

Ezekiel sprouted grain bread or sprouted grain muffins

Extra virgin olive oil, I like Napa Valley Naturals organic

Raw unfiltered honey, Y.S. Organic Bee Farmers

Frozen blueberries

Pure maple syrup, any organic brand

Richi Matcha Super Green tea

Raw almonds

Raw pecans

Raw cashews

Raw pine nuts

Red or sweet potatoes

Hummus, all natural

Salsa, all natural

Beans, black, kidney, garbanzo for tacos, soups, stews and salads

Imported Montebello pasta (not whole grain)

Vital Farms Pasture Raised Eggs

Wild sockeye salmon

Coconut oil for cooking and as a skin product

365 all natural Maple Almond Butter Granola, for snacks

White tortilla chips, any organic brand

Occasional Pom brand pistachios in the shell, Salt and Pepper flavor

White corn tortillas, Mi Rancho

Brown Rice tortillas, Food for Life

I buy packaged Pomi brand tomatoes from Italy because most American brand tomatoes have added chemicals. The two tortilla brands I buy Mi Rancho and Food for Life are really delicious and have no added chemicals, also very hard to find in tortillas that taste good. Lastly, Pacific Brand vegetable stock is the only vegetable stock I know of that doesn’t have added chemicals. It’s very tasty too.

(Some of the items on the bottom list are occasional treats).

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My neices hubby posted this video on his Instagram page of a doctor explaining how to take precautions bringing groceries home, as well as accepting take out meals and food deliveries. Link below.