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Thank You Midlife Movement Podcast! Get Your “Wellness at Home” Action Steps Here…

My gorgeous new namesake website Shiree Segerstrom and my three amazing freebies are ready and I’m so, so excited to share them with you! We literally spent three months on these and they are my signature gifts to you all!

Shiree’s Interior Design and Lifestyle Tips is beautifully designed and full of my best design principals such as how to create your ‘one best’ floor plan and my favorite elements. Can you spell scale, texture and greenery! Well I can! 

Shiree’s Five Pillars to Wellness is literally everything you want know to get started on a solid, consistent wellness practice right at home so you’re no longer reliant on leaving the house or driving somewhere which entails you know, getting on your best yoga clothes and doing your hair! And where you practice healthy eating like making daily fresh green juices and a big raw lunch salad and how to ensure it tastes not just okay, but is absolutely bursting with flavor.

Shiree’s Three Steps to Mastering Your Mindset because you are going to run into mental road blocks. We all do, me included! These three tips will completely change your game around so you’ll be in control of your mindset, instead of your mind controlling you! 

The Midlife Movement

I was a guest on The Midlife Movement Podcast last week! We talked a lot about putting in place a consistent wellness practice in the home so you won’t ever have an excuse or feel the need to skip workouts ever again.

Why is having a wellness practice at home important? Tune into The Midlife Movement Podcast episode number 36, February 5, 2020 entitled Making a Wellness Practice at Home .

As an interior designer and someone who’s committed to a healthy eating plan and exercise, I’ve observed that first: our most consistent wellness practices begin at home.

  • Exercise: You don’t have to go somewhere or stop someplace to exercise, meaning no fancy workout clothes or lipstick is required.

  • Diet: You have the option to “have” or “not have” in the home tempting bad boys like wine, dairy or sugary treats. In other words if it’s not there, you won’t be tempted.

  • Rest: Where you can always find a quiet, pretty and comfy spot to rejuvenate.

Your home has the ability to support and revitalize or drain you.

  •  When the home is well planned, beautiful to your senses and nicely maintained it adds balance, support and so much joy to your life.

  •  Or conversely speaking, when it’s worn, dysfunctional and dirty it has the ability to drag you down and discourage you, lending to disorganization, depression and apathy not only in your surroundings but in you, you precious gal.

To get you started I’ve prepared a list of action steps below! 

The Pain Free Design and Wellness Clean Sweep

Identify the 10-25 things that really bother you about your home. Write them down and save them, then one by one address the items that you can address. For instance, organizing your kitchen is probably doable in a day or two. But replacing a sofa may not be doable for a year or more. So save the list and keep it handy and address just the things you can right now.

Play with Floor Plans (Furniture Arranging)

There is one and only one ideal furniture arrangement (or floor plan as designers like to call it)for each room. You can use a floor plan app like mine from Chief Architecture or by moving things around until you get them right.

Observe where the fireplace is. Observe the doorways and general foot traffic. Place the largest pieces first.

Add Scale

Scale refers to something that is large. It could be an armoire or an entertainment unit or a large set of built in bookcases. Scale is important to your floor plans because it adds a sense of permanence and stability. The rest of the room must be planned around that large scale piece. It is the room’s anchor.


Give the house a good cleaning and keep it that way. Very few people realize how noticeable dust and dirt are because our conscious eye is accustomed to seeing them. But your subconscious picks up on it and realizes something is uncomfortable.

Open the curtains and clean the windows. Enjoy the views if you’re lucky enough to have them. Open the windows and let fresh air in.


Being a designer and owner of a design store for years, I always realized how big of an effect accessories have on our homes. But when it really became evident was when I updated my own home with just accessories. I spent around $2,000 US dollars on accessories in 2012. The home was already lovely but moving my existing items around and adding these new accessories updated the style and lightened the mood quite a lot.

If Your Home is Missing Something

If your home is missing something and you don’t know what it is, it’s likely scale, texture or greenery.

Texture can come from woven baskets, textiles, cane or rush seating, some wood and stone surfaces, and rugs.

Scale can come from large pieces of furniture, like an armoire, an entertainment unit (to house the tellie), or large built in bookcases.

Greenery is obvious. Any indoor plants. I like a pair of topiary in the dining room at the least. And numerous pots of flowers and house plants (3-5) in the living room. 

And if you’d like even more help getting started, look at my Pain Free Strategy Sessions where together we develop an comprehensive plan for your most important home project, face to face via Skype or Zoom. It has an affordable, set price tag and clear steps to get you from where your home is now to where you want to take it. 

Live beautifully. Eat beautifully, Shiree’