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My 7 Favorite Detoxes for Arthritis

Life can be such a joy! Don’t spend another week or month or year of it feeling less than the best version of yourself. I am writing this for you today because I’ve been in your shoes, I know what you are capable of doing (‘cuz I’ve been there too!) and because I truly want to help. 

Me above, about seven years on the arthritis eating plan. I still struggle with discipline. I made peach pie recently and ate half of it. Yesterday I bought pizza. I ate half of that too. But as you can see, most of the time I keep agreements with  myself and stick to the A-eating plan.

In 2012 I embarked on a journey that would take seven years, some one hundred health related books, and years of studying and experimenting to discover the right paths for me and my health issues. My goal was to overcome six different degenerative bone and joint conditions and avoid dangerous drugs like bone builders and pain killers but along the way to better bone and cartilage health, I made a pleasant discovery. Everything that positively affects the bones also affects energy, your skin, hair, teeth, gums, overall weight, health and even sense of well-being. In fact your mood and outward appearance are excellent indicators of what’s going on inside your body. 

The Cold Hard Facts

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. Did you know it has its own reset button? It’s the ancient practice of fasting. Yet most doctors are unaware of its power because they’ve been trained to diagnose symptoms and treat them with drugs. 

Most docs are well intentioned. They are a godsend in emergencies. One saved my life several years ago from another one’s near fatal mistake. But most haven’t a clue how to help you overcome chronic health issues and attain vibrant good health other than prescribing drugs. My own western trained doc wanted to put me on the highly dangerous bone builder Boniva! He also tried numerous times to prescribe indefinite courses of pain killers. It became obvious that if drugs weren’t my first choice as they were his, I was on my own. Plus I had to consider what kind of health he was and still is in…not good! I became proactive. Knowing what I know now, I made the right choice and I could not be more pleased. 

If you have serious medical conditions or are on prescription drugs, find a great holistic doctor and a nutritionist immediately to help you develop an eating plan; and to help you minimize the prescriptions or gradually wean you off them altogether. The reason I say this is because cutting edge arthritis doctors now know that arthritis is best treated without drugs. They now recommend lifestyle changes instead. Please don’t take my word for it. I’m a patient, not a nutritionist or doctor. Find a doctor who specializes in this and be willing to make the changes she or he prescribes.

Drugs are meant to help us in crisis. They are not part of a lifetime wellness plan as most people have come to believe! This information is something I’m so passionate about sharing. 

Educate yourself. Be proactive. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor lots of questions. Don’t be afraid to say hey Doc, instead of that prescription drug you’re recommending what kind of lifestyle changes can I make instead? Or how can I minimize these medications? 

If you take nothing else away today than this: you owe it to yourself to start reading the right books and start watching the right documentaries. Information is power.

If you’ve read any recent books or articles on holistic health and wellness you’re probably somewhat familiar with some of the following terms. What do these things have in common? They are cleansing to your system. Added up on a daily or weekly basis and they’ll really help you move the needle on your health initiatives.


Rebounding- bounce/dancing bare footed on a rebounder or mini trampoline elevates your mood and moves lymph fluid around. It’s cleansing and energizing and great for the tendons in the lower legs and feet. It’s highly recommended by many health experts. I like to bounce and dance around by bouncing once and then kicking one foot and pulling one knee up towards my chest, right then left. Start slow by bouncing with two feet and use the hand bar for stability.

Dry skin brushing- using a semi- soft dry brush labeled for skin brushing, start at the soles of your feet and work your way up the legs, stomach, palms of the hands, arms etc. avoiding your breasts, up the neck/throat area. Be gentle with the chest and throat. Use long, through strokes. This is a great way to exfoliate away dead skin cells which is good for cellular turnover and since the skin is one of your main detoxifiers, it’s another great way to assist your body in its job of “cleansing” itself.

Lemon water- though lemons are acidic outside the body, they are alkalizing in the body and lemon water is also another great cleansing tool. Many experts say to start your morning with a warm (not hot) cup of water with lemon juice. Some people like to add cayenne and a little raw honey for additional cleansing.

Raw foods- you may have heard that cooking in temperatures over 118 degrees depletes the nutrients and enzymes in vegetables and fruit. Raw foodists are easy to spot…they are gorgeous! Beautiful skin tone and coloring, thin limber bodies. That’s because they get tons of nutrients and because they’re so nourished they have few if any food cravings. Now, this is a fairly difficult lifestyle especially if you have family around the house but I’ve come up with a fantastic solution! Eat raw till dinner. Yep. That’s all it takes! Skip breakfast, I’ll share why you another time why you don’t need it; have a big raw salad for lunch; then pretty much have what you want for dinner. No, not pizza! Real, unprocessed food.  

Green juicing- this is really important if you have arthritis. Nothing (except fasting) will help you move the needle on your health like green juices. They’re loaded with micronutrients. People always ask me, why juices rather than smoothies. The main reason is you can get way more juice, and thus, micronutrients in your system via juices. Smoothies have all the plant’s fiber, which is great too. So if you want, do a smoothie as well! But don’t skip the green juice. I’ve put my green juice recipe on Instagram several times. It’s so delicious; you won’t consider it a chore to drink. In fact, it’s so delicious that it’s totally addictive.
Hot/cold showers- not only is this a great way to move lymph fluid and detoxify your body, it’s also an amazing pain reliever. I personally love hot/cold showers though admittedly they take some practice. Start with only what you can tolerate and slowly, while the water is running, increase the intensity. Give yourself a few weeks, even a month or two to perfect this.

Start with hot water, if possible drench your scalp too. Count to thirty slowly, then switch to cold. Keep making it colder, till you get as cold as you can stand. Count to thirty slowly. Repeat three times total.  I’ve been doing these for three or four years and still screech with the cold rinse, but the feeling afterward is so worth it. It elevates your mood too!

Fasting- according to Dr. Eugene Zamperion, arthritis specialist and author of The Alternative Guide to Arthritis the number one way to manage your symptoms is with a doctor supervised fasting every spring and fall. From what I could gather from his book and others on fasting is that two to three days is the general duration. This is beyond the scope of my article but I will suffice to say that it’s the most effective thing I’ve used in managing my own symptoms. I’m 5’5, weigh 117 lbs. and I love to eat. Though I know first-hand how effective fasting is, giving up food for one to three days is still a struggle for me. But I can do it and you can too. Again, doctor’s supervision is recommended.  

These holistic health practices have enabled me to control my osteoarthritis symptoms, and slow down the degenerative effects of my various bone conditions without pain killers and medication. Don’t try and integrate them all at once! With detoxification, it’s important to start slowly and work your way into cleansing. If you detox too fast, your system will release too many toxins, so detox slow.

Again, find a great holistic doctor and nutritionist and build your own A-Team.

Live beautifully. Eat beautifully, Shiree’

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