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New Decorating and Wellness Book Written Especially For Women With Arthritis

You want a comfortable, beautiful home that will help you live at a more functional level; you want it to inspire you to take better care of yourself each day.

Taking care of yourself has so much to do with feeling balanced or “centered”. It has a huge effect on your psyche, work, relationships, appearance, mood and more. But unfortunately, only a small percentage of us girls follow through with this self-care. You break agreements with yourself, you postpone exercise and you waste precious time buffering with social media. We all do! Me included at times.

Living well with arthritis is all about striving for that sweet spot, right? That balance of work, exercise, home, family and preparing healthy foods. To stay on top of things you need an inspiring, nurturing home life and a highly effective self-care program. You need a deeper understanding of what it takes for you to thrive and how you want your home to feel and perform for you in the coming years while you learn to manage your symptoms.

I learned all of these things the hard way and now I’m going to share them with you so you have an easier time being super effective, not only in creating a beautiful home, but also… creating a beautiful, grounded and deeply contented you.

I can’t wait to show you what I’ve spent so many years learning, because I have been an interior designer for almost twenty years. And I’m an arthritis sufferer just like you. I have been studying wellness and nutrition for over ten years and have been reading books by the best arthritis doctors and certified nutritionists. Teaching and inspiring other women with arthritis to live a beautiful life is my passion project.

The book includes chapters on decorating the Pain Free way ; using soft textures and soothing colors to cool heat generating arthritis; restful bedrooms that revitalize you; irresistible self-care spaces; how to budget with the good, better, best method; the only eating plan that works for arthritis; and tools to make your efforts easier.

I want to inspire you to create a home you love so you can live a better, more beautiful life while managing your arthritis at the heart of where self-care begins: at home.

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Live beautifully. Eat beautifully, Shiree’