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Common Misconceptions About Working with an Interior Designer

Today on Joy of Nesting I want to clear up a few common misconceptions about interior designers. The first one is, when you hire a designer you don’t have to replace everything in your home! Surprised? I thought so.

Let me preface that however. There are indeed designers who will want to replace everything and I heartily disagree with that philosophy. Homes are indeed beautifully updated with as little as new upholstery and accessories. In fact, there are designers who are very accustomed to working with some or even many of their client’s existing furnishings. Doing décors with several styles and eras creates a look that evolves much better than homes furnished in all one place and time. If the designer is good, minimal change can be done, and done quite beautifully.

Misconception Two: despite what your favorite DIY shows like to tell you, interior design is a luxury, not a low budget item. However, if you lead a busy, productive life living well at home is a necessity! Our homes either revive or drain us. Busy, discerning people need at least one place to rest and heal and if your main home is disorganized or unattractive, you won’t be able to sustain your lifestyle. So, do create the home of your dreams if you have the financial means but at the very least your home should serve your needs efficiently, and not just physical needs but aesthetic needs too.   

Misconception Three: Just because you can’t see the project as a completed whole, doesn’t’ mean you can’t envision what it will look like. There are many programs and apps today to help designers and DIY’ers visualize their space. But remember magic doesn’t happen without talent behind the program. Also, you can easily envision the space with effective visual aids but first you need a clear plan.

With Bespoke Design Schemes or when using my full service design, you get great visual aids! I provide two to three proposals with clearly written plans and price tags. In all my projects I provide oversized fabric swatches; tear sheets with manufacturers’ information like dimensions and pricing; printed floor plans with elevation and 3D views; and a written report explaining all of my proposed improvements so you can really see how beautiful everything will be when completed.

If your home isn’t supporting you the way it is, are you ready for a change? Get some help via my complimentary premier design and wellness download, Healthy at Home, 5 Key DesignDecisions that Support Health and Wellness. It’s the prettiest little book, but it’s also a quick read with super easy design solutions that help you lead a beautiful, healthier lifestyle at home. Get yourself some help post haste!

That’s it for today. Thank you for stopping by! Shiree’