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Book Worm’s Bliss… a Gallery of the Best Library Design Ideas

Browsing through book stores is probably my most favorite down time activity. There’s something so hopeful about a pile of books pertaining to business practices, time management and of course, interior design.

Consequently I have a huge library, broken up into different categories and displayed in different places throughout the house. Fiction, biographies and design books in the living room; cook books and design books in the kitchen and guest rooms; design and garden books in the dining room; and health and beauty books in the master bedroom.

Call me old fashioned but I believe every home needs at least two built in units of books cases. If a client’s home doesn’t possess them I almost always suggest they’re added to the overall scheme.

Book cases are not the exclusive domain of books. Stacks on the coffee table, dining room table, dressers and more are equally good homes for hardbound editions.

Francisco Costa gets it: books are meant to be displayed vertically and horizontally.

In fact, I’d go out on a limb and say any unused space in the home is fair game for the addition of a book case or two. This hallway library is a perfect example.

My hope is that the popularity of Kindle doesn’t completely do away with the printed form. Library, home office, Emily A. Clark.

A restful library in clear, cool greens.

Mark D. Sikes. Don’t you love the wonderful rattan chairs and woven shades.

How do you like your reading nook? Messy…

…or tidy?


…or masculine?