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Let Me…Entertain You: A Gallery of Party Decorating Ideas

My inner, social butterfly appears whenever I see images like the ones featured here in today’s Joy of Nesting blog. I especially love informal gatherings which is odd because I’m more of a formal person.

There is something warm and wonderful about entertaining ala rustica. Most of these entertaining ideas capture that rusticity. I provided photo or designer credit wherever available.

Grapefruit and rosemary spritzers on a tray.

Lovely graphic patterns from Hen House Linens.

Dining Etiquette 101, because we need a little guidance at times.

Lavender votive, sweet as can be and easy to assemble with a dab of double sided Scotch Tape.

Monogrammed bottle tags.

Dining chez Muriel Brandolini.

Margarita shots in salted lime halves. Adorable, even if a little cumbersome.

A spot of brilliance from Los Angeles interior designer Nathan Turner: green beans and dips in pewter julep cups.

There is nothing quite so convivial as a service bar. This one features olive and olive oil samplings.

There are times to pull out all the stops. This Moroccan inspired table shouts “girlfriend’s birthday”.

My neice Ruby Sabine would approve of this idea: slate place mats.

For the bridal shower. Swizzle sticks are easy and inexpensive to make. I did mine with quality balsam sticks from a craft store.

Rugs leading to an outdoor pavilion provide a sense of festivity.

Creativity can fall by the wayside when faced with the challenges of cooking for company. When I plan an event or dinner party, it’s extremely helpful to have one or two go-to places for a wide variety of curated ideas. I like keeping mine in my Pinterest files.

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