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BASKET CASE: Stylish Storage for Home or Office

I love baskets, and if you read my bi-weekly design column in the Sonora Union Democrat you know they’re my favorite accessory, right up there with books.

My office is filled to the brim with fabric samples, fabric books, and a million other smallish items that need to be organized. Baskets address the problem in an attractive, professional looking way.

I use different types of baskets for different jobs. The one above is lined with off white muslin. Because it’s up high, I use it for storing items I don’t often need.

The ones on the iron etagere’ are tiny versions of the bigger one and they hold fabric samples.

These great handled, flat baskets are perfect for my desk and table tops. They hold…you guessed it, more fabrics.

Other ways to use baskets are for holding greenery, business or personal files, purses and totes, toys, newspapers, magazines and office paraphernalia.

My favorite type of accessory is something that’s not only beautiful to look at but is one that offers function too. Baskets add texture, scale and homeyness which is why I have them in just about every room in the house.