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Master Bedroom Bedding, Arm chair and Woven Shades


I’m working on several great projects right now. Among them is a master bedroom that needs custom bedding, a chair recovered, and window treatments.

The reason I love this project is that the clients are the nicest people. I can always tell when I’ll become friends with clients and these two among them. In fact, I just purchased tickets to attend an event with them in late June for one of the husband’s favorite charitable organizations, Habitat for Humanity.

The bed skirt will be in the bluish gray texture above left; the pillow shams will be in the taupe quilted fabric; the pillows will be in the willow print; and the chair will be in the russet colored upholstery chenille.

Also on order, a lined woven interior mounted shade with a self valance in light honey toned bamboo with white threads. We’re doing a built-in book case in the living room and new doors and casing in the entry and dining room area.

I love the house’s Boho feel and how two walls of windows open up to a beautiful shadey wooded area in back.