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Shopping Around…Some Cool Zebra Pillows

I was out shopping for a commercial installation the other day and spied these great, feather filled zebra print pillows at TJ Maxx.

For the uninitiated TJ’s is a great source of brand name, quality home decor and clothing for a fraction of the retail price.

These pillows would look great on a red leather chair or a sofa in a taupe textured fabric. They would probably cost $120 to $150 if custom fabricated through a designer. I purchased my patio pillows from TJ’s and custom ordered all of my interior pillows, naturally!

The napkins and candle I purchased at the Mountain Book Store in Sonora where I have a home. I purchased them with a gift certificate from a recent bridal shower. The jasmine scented candle is so yummy.

Mountain Book Store 209-532-6117.