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Tisket a Tasket, Gardenias in a Basket

Having gardenias in the house is such a treat. Any scented flower is welcome in my house. I have two indoor dogs and one indoor cat and scented candles and flowers hide a myriad of sins.

These miniature gardenias are planted right outside my front door so when people come by to visit the scent wafts up to greet them. And I love the little willow basket that came with its own glass liner. I sold these at my store a few years ago and they were wildly popular.

Gardenias, like all woody stemmed flowers, need to have their stems pounded a bit. This creates an opening for the water to reach the blossom. Once you’ve gotten the flower to the desired height take a hammer and hit the ends slightly. Strip all leaves that will be below water level. Immerse in water immediately. Try not to handle the blossoms too much because they brown on the edges.

David and I are off to play tennis, go to the lake, and take a long hike this weekend. I hope your weekend is great too!