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Many thanks to the Union Democrat for publishing my first ever interior design column tomorrow in their brand new Home and Garden section.  I am happy to be a part of their new endeavor.  Tomorrow’s column is entitled “Sacred Spaces” and it’s a kind of introduction .

About twelve years ago I finally succumbed  to the convenience of high quality faux topiary and flowers.  Chosen well, they really are quite pretty and hard to tell apart.  The quality has improved greatly over the years and it’s reflected in their price tags.   I especially love the look of tall faux myrtle topiary and have them scattered everywhere in my own home as well as clients’.

I have a couple of secret tips I’d like to share to help my clients and readers enjoy topiary and floral arrangements every day, as I do.

Secret 1: Mix faux topiary with live plants around the house.  This gives an overall natural look that you don’t get with faux plants alone.  All my live plants are easy-to-care-for creeping fig.  Because live topiary are very expensive I purchased around ten large scale faux ones that don’t ever need replacing.  My guests are forever going around the house peering closely at my plants trying to discern between the faux ones and the live ones.  It’s a funny site to witness because you know that’s what they are doing!

Secret 2: I have a nice collection of vases, all shapes and sizes that I like to have out on display whether or not they have fresh floral arrangements in them.  I keep very real looking, very simple faux floral stems (one flower type only per vase) in the vases for every day and when fresh flowers are available in the garden or at the store, I store the faux flowers and replace with fresh ones.  When they’ve wilted, I discard and bring out the faux again.