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Piecing Together a Wardrobe..the best of Tory Burch

For the most part, I find current trends in women’s fashion obnoxious.  In every collection there are loud prints and colors that add pounds and detract from one’s facial features.  I happen to be short waisted and well, top heavy.  I look my best in clothing that defines my waist and creates an elongated line. 

With a wardrobe in need of occasional replenishment, I ventured onto a few fashion websites of brands I for the most part admire.  This is what I found on Tory Burch.  These are flattering choices for hourglass figures.  The Imogen dress above.

The Marcia cardigan also comes in black and off white.

The Flor tunic.  Fitted at the waste yet elongating.  Sweet details. 

Caterina Poncho.  Love the leg.  This would also be adorable with a pair of cropped jeans and heels or long jeans and flats.

The Ackley dress. The details on this dress are amazing.

Doreen dress.  Business like without being stuffy, perfect for professional creative types.

Eduarda jacket, inspired by sixties styles but modernized by the length.


Jabria jacket.  I love the lace detail at the waste. This jacket is very early 70’s, they were originally done in double knit.  I would wear this on appointments to meet my clients.

Polly dress.  Professional and comfortable.  Best worn under a coat as the details would be lost under a jacket or cardigan.

The Ulima dress is adorable but the hemline is hard for petites to wear.  A better hemline for women 5’5″ and under is just below or a few inches above the knee.  A dark stocking and shoe would help. 

Mildred dress.  Subtle and sophisticated.  Just right for the office.

Because weekends happen.  Terrero Long Caftan.