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OUT OF THE CLOSET…plus shiree’s Yummy Hot Chocolate Recipe

I cleaned out my closet last week.  Five years of accumulated clothes went out the door to the consignment store, to friends in need, and to the local thrift shop.  I realize I may have gained a few pounds since I turned, well, never mind.  Just suffice to say, I am not happy about where those few extra pounds landed.

I have bought myself a big red rubber ball and a sweat belt and I am diligently doing my ab tighteners.  I will be pre-hernia surgery size by spring.

Many thanks to Jay, fitness trainer extraordinaire, for providing me with the only advice that has shown any difference. 

In the meantime, I won’t be denying myself the occasional treat.  Hot chocolate is not the same as instant cocoa.  To make the best tasting hot chocolate you need best quality chocolate.  I have made  mine with 80% cocoa bars as well as gourmet unsweetened chocolate and both are delicious.  You just need 2% milk, chocolate, and some agave sweetener or sugar.

Gourmet Hot Chocolate
There is something about the rich, slightly chalky taste and texture of this drink that really satisfies my sweet tooth.  Rather than eating endless bags of M & M’s that never seem to please, a cup of this not only fills me up but brings a nice rosy glow to my skin.

10 oz. milk
2 to 3 teaspoons agave nectar or sugar
3 to 4 oz. best quality chocolate

In a small sauce pan, combine ingredients.  Stir until all chocolate is dissolved.  Heat gently for a few more minutes till smooth.  Enjoy. 

Photo credit: Food Network.  With positive affirmations…Shiree’