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I am reaching, like flowers in a sunny window, towards the future, towards the sun.  Is it too soon to yearn for spring?

Last week I announced to Facebook friends that as of March 1st I will be the new interior design columnist for the Sonora Union Democrat’s Home and Garden section.  An interesting fact: my late father in law Donald Segerstrom, Sr. owned the Democrat when he was in his mid- twenties making him one of the youngest newspaper publishers in the country.

Join me in taking a spring and early summer tour of my garden.  Hybrid iris above lovingly planting by Melba Price, the original owner of the home and gardener extraordinaire.

What I miss most about spring and for that matter, summer, and fall, is the beautiful greenery.  I miss spending part of every day outside.  It has been a mild winter in California, but still it’s brown and dreary in the garden right now.

The small pink roses behind the iron daybed were from last summer.  I think they are called cupcake roses.  They have such a nice fragrance.

Euryops and boxwood euonymous terraced by original stone work.

This image of my St. Francis must have been taken in late April because the peonies are still buds.  Francis is one of my favorite photography subjects.  Waiting for spring to create more photo ops to share with my readers.  Have a great day.