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A New Red Tablecloth and a Fabulous Candle Scent Recommendation

On my way home from one of my seamstresses I stopped off by two of my favorite house and garden stores, Alexandra’s and I Love Paris.  Alex is getting all her new fall stuff in and I Love Paris is celebrating, this weekend, their 10th anniversary!  Congratulations Eleanor.  Everyone loves Eleanor, the ultra-gracious and knowledgeable owner.

The new candle scent I’m burning is Voluspa’s Muscari.  I highly recommend you give it a try.  Within just a couple minutes of lighting it, my whole living room, entry, dining room and even my office filled with it’s gorgeous scent.  Remember to keep your wicks short, about 1/4″ and burn them a full hour so it develops an inch of melted candle wax on top.  This helps keep the candle level and that way you get the most out of it–no leftovers on the sides.  Tablecloth by Bruno Lamy for Couleur Nature.