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FRESH FRENCH …Tips for Creating Neutral Interior Color Schemes

Going through sources for a recent design project, I came across the most wonderful French inspired pieces.

These light, cool furnishings look fabulous in small homes and cottages with neutral color schemes.  I especially love seeing them in homes by the sea.

Some things to remember when decorating your home with neutrals:  Keep furniture and accessories mostly neutral because colors easily overpower their subtle beauty.

In lieu of color, use lots of texture and patina.  Scale is another great way to add visual interest to a neutral color scheme.

Add a variety of finishes like the mirrored dresser above.  Don’t be afraid to introduce brass into your neutral scheme, particularly old brass.

Great fabric choices for this type of interior are linens, wools, raw silk, or even dupioni silk in a more formal scheme.

If you want to really add some visual interest to your neutral scheme, add blackish dark brown wood flooring.  This one thing will make everything else really stand out!

 Don’t forget to add lots of baskets, books, and beautiful foliage.  At Christmas bring out the red, dark brown, and lots of texture.