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Yesterday David took me to the California State Fair which is held at Cal-Expo in Sacramento every summer.  For once the temperature was perfect.  We had a funnel cake, rode the monorail, and strolled through the beautiful flower gardens and water and animal exhibits.

I eat healthy most of the time but ocassionally I succumb to the lure of fried foods.  David had his funnel cake with strawberries and I had mine with cinnamon and sugar.  My only regret is that I didn’t have my requisite corn dog.  No one makes a corn dog like the State Fair except the one’s at the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk.

Seeing the golden bear statues (the California black bear is our state animal) reminded me of a trip to the fair when Christian was young.  He loved the insect, animal, and reptile exhibits and of course, had to take his picture riding the bear.  I was tempted by a moment of silliness, to climb on board for a picture but alas my inner adult prevailed.

One of my favorite features of the state fair, or any fair for that matter are the animal exhibits.  I love the baby piglets we see every year, the beautiful sheep, and of course the petting zoo.  This year we petted the cutest llama, kangaroos, pot bellied pigs, goats, and sheep.  There was an indoor exhibit of the most adorable little birds called African Finches.  They are tiny and chubby and colorful.

Being the fabulous grape producer California is, tastings and blind competitions are naturally part of the annual event.

Photo credit above Photographer’ Direct.

The art exhibit was quite enjoyable for David and me.  I saw some wonderful works that I am considering for some upcoming projects.  For more information click here: California State Fair.