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SUMMER SOLSTICE garden tour…plus grilled salmon salad

After the longest winter in decades, it was so good to put my outdoor spaces back together. I worked in the studio on various design projects all day then took a break when the afternoon light was the prettiest to do a little outdoor Yoga.  Enjoy a tour of the summer season in my garden.

I had the most fabulous salad for lunch today.  Salads are the way I keep my energy levels high, get my daily 5 cups of vegetables and fruit, and keep my waistline semi-trim.  Here are the ingredients.  Use amounts according to personal preference:

grilled wild salmon served chilled
homemade huumus
ripe tomato
lemon juice
white wine vinegar
extra virgin olive oil
red onion
freshly ground sea salt and pepper
freshly chopped thyme (or dried)