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A Traditional Style Design Presentation Today at SSID

I am doing a traditional style presentation today for a wonderful retired couple whom I began working with recently.  They are such a joy to be around.  We took our color inspiration from their artwork and other existing furnishings.  We are updating the living room, dining room, and kitchen by adding box pleated valances with contrasting welts, custom throw pillows in a variety of prints, recovering one antique armchair, purchasing a new chair for the husband, and recovering just the seat of a leather club.

The above floral will be the valances and sofa throw pillows.  The stripe below will be contrasting welts on the valances and two more sofa pillows.

The russet texture below will be on the chair for “her” and will also be on the new leather chair seat.

The diamond texture below is for “his” chair.

The next fabric is an extra pillow.

I was at the house recently and rearranged all the art work.  We had pieces of furniture removed that didn’t work, had the entire space painted a pale yellow, and rehung the art in interesting ways.  So far so good.

Today is the presentation for the chairs, window coverings, and pillows.  Wish me luck.