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Creating a Wellness Designed Kitchen


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Creating a Wellness Designed Kitchen

Creating a wellness design kitchen can be done via the help of a wellness designer, or you can implement some easy diy steps on your own. A wellness designed kitchen leads to healthier eating habits. We all know that wellness begins at home, and nowhere in the home is it more evident than your kitchen.

How well does your kitchen work? Do you have plenty of storage in the refrigerator for fresh fruits and vegetables? An anti-inflammatory diet calls for a lot of produce! Do your kitchen layout, fixtures and finishes inspire you to begin your day in a healthy, proactive way? Do you have cabinet or counter space, or a ‘garage’ for equipment?



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My Favorite Wellness Kitchen Equipment

An easy-to-use like the Breville Compact Juice Fountain.

A good blender, like VitaMix

A KitchenAid Mix Master

A cappuccino maker

A proper, electric tea kettle, like Dualit



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The Kitchen Work Triangle

If your kitchen is due for a remodel, and you normally have one cook in the kitchen, employ one of the often-overlooked tenants of kitchen design, the Work Triangle.

Simply stated, the work triangle refers to the distance between the three main workstations: the stove, the sink and the refrigerator. It ideally totals around 27 feet in diameter.

Each leg of the triangle should consist of roughly 9 feet. That’s nine feet from the sink to the refrigerator, nine feet from the refrigerator to the stove, and nine feet from the stove back to the sink.


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Oversized Islands and Multiple Sinks

Kitchen designs with oversized islands and multiple sinks were created with open floor plans and multiple cooks in mind, which gives you the opportunity to reconnect with loved ones in such a meaningful way.

Top Ten Wellness Design Features You Need for Your Kitchen

I get that not everyone wants to fully remodel their kitchen so let’s take a look at things that can be done without a set of blueprints.

For ease, convenience and style opt for larger, D-shaped pulls. A single lever or touchless kitchen sink faucet is also standard these days and can be conveniently nudged off and on with your elbow or voice activated.

The easiest, most affordable way to remodel your kitchen is to keep the footprint. That is to say, keep the base cabinets, appliances and kitchen sink/s where they are. No plumbing or electrical changes will likely be needed, and you can focus your budget on any combination of the following: appliances, new cabinet doors, a new sink, hardware/fixtures, flooring, lighting, countertops, back splashes and paint.

Wellness Kitchen Tech and Appliances

The kitchen is the hub of the home now more than ever thanks to all this great new technology. For the appliance lover, buy a quick and healthy steam-convection oven. For the tech lover, smart refrigerators are able to create grocery shopping lists, share calendars, interfamily notes and photos, and even stream movies and music.

The new voice activated faucets that measure the amount of water dispensed and even control the temperature and more make kitchen time an actual pleasure. There are new smart range hoods, and modern, sleek flush fitting appliances, a popular trend.

Cabinets are seeing cleaner, more modern lines too with customized paint colors like emerald green, navy, dark blue and gray that give a beautiful, high-end look. Hardware finish trends are brass, colors and even black. Quartz countertops show no signs of slowing down. It’s a lower maintenance alternative to granite. Granite has to be sealed and resealed. Quartz does not. It’s super durable and there are endless design options. A well-designed kitchen can really help inspire you to make great choices every morning. And getting off to a good start in the morning will make it easier to stay balanced and focused all day.

Kitchen Prep Zones 

Healthy food is fresh food, and fresh food requires some prep work. If you have no intentions of remodeling your kitchen, there are some things you can do to make prepping quicker and more enjoyable.

By prepping I mean preparing leafy green salads, raw vegetables, fresh fruits, fresh dressings, green juices and smoothies. Cooked meals have their place at dinner providing you with a comfortable, warming meal and “reconnecting” opportunity.

Chopping/salad prep

Mix Master/Kitchen Aid

Food processor



Indoor gardening/potted plants/pods


Blender/smoothies/soups/nut milks

Sprouting/fresh herbs



Food service

Entertaining/serving pieces/special occasions

Beverage service

Children’s meals

2nd sink/2nd cook

Pet care

Bill paying/home office center/pc

Craft center

Create your own kitchen zones according to the tasks you perform most often. Designing your kitchen and home via zones is a super-efficient way to get organized. As you can see, prioritizing is key since the options are limitless.

Whatever your priorities, clearing out the clutter, keeping only the things that are essential, going paperless as much as possible- – all of these will help in planning your kitchen without the remodel.



Ready to take a deeper dive into staging your home? I created The Functional Home Blueprint to help you create a livable, clutter free home, and create beautiful places in your home for downtime and reconnecting with yourself and your loved ones.

  • Get organized and energized with my easy tools, attractive container ideas and simple home office hacks.
  • Carve out spaces to exercise.
  • Maximize your kitchen to follow through with healthy eating;
  • And utilize all your rooms.
  • Plus, a BONUS: my fave home workout equipment!

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