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Decorating Tips for Inspiring Wellness and Stress Management



Living your best life on the daily means including certain lifestyle habits and systems such as creating a beautiful, functional environment; consistent daily exercise; high quality nutrition; stress management, and plenty of down time.

Image above, Axel Vervordt 

Taking the time to create a beautiful, restful home will be the one thing to set you up for success in many facets of your life and make all your tasks including daily self-care easier and so much more enjoyable!

One of the most important decisions you’ll make for feelings of restfulness and wellbeing at home is the right color.






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Colors sitting next to one another on the color wheel are considered compatible and create simple combinations. Cool colors like blue, green and some shades of purple are restful. Cool colors recede. On walls they increase the size of the room and add depth. To visually enlarge your space and create a restful appearance, use light, cool colors with minimal color contrasts.

Palest celadon green, soft grayish taupe, pale lavender, light flesh tones, creamy whites and muted grays soothe the eye and alleviate anxiety. You can carry these colors throughout your home with paint, trim color, carpets, window coverings and soft furnishings. Opt for soft taupe wood finishes.

For fabrics, choose soothing textures and again, minimal color contrasts. Subtle, faded linens and cotton; silk velvet; and mohair are beautiful choices that also feel wonderful. 






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A room is like the inside of a box. It has 6 planes: 4 walls, a ceiling and the floor. Cheap paint, insufficient window space, out of date or non-descript window coverings have a big effect on the overall look and feel of your home.

High quality paint has more pigment, a richer quality, and better formulated colors. I love Farrow and Ball and Pratt and Lambert.

My go to colors in Farrow and Ball are soft and complex. They are Pavilion Blue; Ball Green; and Slipper Satin, white. Keeping color’s light, muted and cool contributes to feelings of comfort and calm.

Well placed windows, sufficient window space and windows that are made from quality wood or at least framed in wood visually enlarge your spaces, bring the outside in and generate feelings of healthiness. Seeing plants and nature in your home helps balance your energy and motivates you, and is a wonderful mood enhancer.

French doors are one of the best investments in your home and are a great addition to virtually any room in your home.





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Choose the best flooring materials you can afford and keep the choices to a minimum for a restful look and pretty backdrop to your favorite fabrics, furnishings and accessories. I’m partial to flooring of bamboo, solid hardwood (I don’t care for engineered wood), tile, natural stone and for challenging maintenance areas, luxury vinyl tile.

A Dedicated Wellness Space

To have success following through with yoga and other types of exercise, find a room to call your own and make it a place you look forward to going to!

Have any items you need on hand such as hand weights, a rebounder, a Yoga mat, Yoga blocks, foam rollers, etc. in a nearby basket, closet or armoire for easy access. If everything is close by and in attractive containers, you’ll be more likely to use them.

By doing yoga and other types of workouts in the same place and at the same time each day, you build that habit and you will be more likely to follow through. 





That’s it for today!

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Bye for now!