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ALMOST READY FOR WINTER…an old, 1930’s Spanish Revival is getting some TLC.

What a year this has been.  The last three winters have made it necessary to do some major repairs on my old home. 

We have restored portions of the roof, replaced gutters, painted and restored all the windows and most of the doors, painted much of the interior, trimmed the trees, restored structural beams, refinished the kitchen’s original wood floors, replaced the kitchen appliances, and this weekend, put away all the exposed outdoor furniture and stored the window screens.

Louise, my irrigation person cleaned out the “little fountain” and will come back next week to replace the burned up pump motor in the large fountain, the one I had installed in honor of Jim.  Louise is a powerhouse.  I know that whatever problem my timers, irrigation systems, and fountains give me, she can figure it out. 

The easiest project was buying new pillows and planters for the covered patio but don’t think for a moment I didn’t work on the hard projects too.  I have been covered in soil, paint, caulking, and window glazing for two months!

Almost ready for winter!  Many thanks to all my help, David, Christian, John, Chuck, Louise, and Joe and Anthony Dossi.