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WALLPAPER FANTASIES…plus, a Delicious Meditarranean Salad to Try.

I recently did a design scheme for an historic hotel which required research on wallpaper.  Though many of the designs I looked at were not applicable to that particular project, I enjoyed the journey.

The detail of these butterfly decals by Alix Soubrian of Princes and Crows located in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles are amazingly intricate. 

Each wallpaper from Princes and Crows is a work of art in itself.

Other wallpapers are from Graham and Brown.

Burl wallpaper above and malachite wallpaper below for designing my next library or powder room, perhaps.

The wallpaper above reminds me of my guest room floor which is painted cork.  This style of paper below is called tole.

The wallpaper above is well designed.  It’s classic style would work equally well in bohemian, classic, or contemporary schemes.

A tamer selection above.

Shiree’s Salad Combination of the Day

One of my favorite ways of getting my protein, good fats, and 5 plus cups of produce a day is with salad.  I always use good olive oil, a variety of meats like salmon, chicken, and turkey, nuts, citrus juices, berries, white wine or balsamic vinegars, and high quality cheeses, usually Parmesan or cheese made from goat’s milk.Yesterday I made a delicious spinach salad with some grilled chicken I had leftover from dinner the night before.  Here are the ingredients so you can try it tonight. 

Grilled chicken breast
red onion
lemon juice
balsamic vinegar
pan toasted walnuts
and raspberries